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Advice For Sellers

The preparation you go through to prepare your home for sale can be the difference between a standard price and a great price. It does not have to be time consuming or expensive with a few of our easy tips you can have your home ready in no time. The best way to approach your home is to stand out the front of your home with your eyes closed and when opening look at your property with the eyes of a buyer. Walk through the property and home like a potential buyer would.

Make a list of all the things that need to be fixed and start for the top.

Below are the following tips that we consider will help better price your home. Keep the lawns and gardens ship shape and free of rubbish. Simply keep your lawns and path ways mowed and wipper snipped weekly. This is an inexpensive way to help make your property sharp and crisp for potential buyers. Garden rubbish is unsightly and distracting it is easy for us as home owners to not see it as were used to it being there. So if you have a pile of “stuff” in the yard (piles or leaves, trees or rubbish) remove of it. This goes along with the content of your garage, old sheds and any other outbuildings on the property.

Have an exterior house wash.

Another inexpensive way to help your home look ship shape is to gurney and clean the exterior of your home. Ridding of unwanted cob webs, mould and dust and don’t forget the fence, gate and decks.

Clean your windows le in the sun light

It is amazing how much light you are missing out on with unclean windows. Sunlight is one of the most universal requirement when presenting your home to potential buyers. Tree pruning may provide a real bonus if it allows more light inside your home.


If you have pets, they should be kept well out of the way when showing buyers through your home. You may cherish your pet but some people will not come into a house that has a dog running loose.


Remember a buyer walking through your home is trying to image themselves in your home. So declutter all living areas. Allow for as much space and light into your home, clean off all bench tops Kitchen and Bathrooms to allow for a clean living space.

What would a few pot plants do

You will be amazed what a few plants can do a carful placement of some pot plants around the entry of your home can give and inviting and colourful feel best part is you can take them with you when you leave.